A Vision for Active Parish Communities

Our shared vision for the archdiocese guides our Journey of Faith over the next three years. It comes directly from the hopes and spiritual desires of Catholics shared in listening sessions across the archdiocese.

Where We’ve Been

What we’ve learned over the last few years, will help us understand how to embark on a new journey to live our Catholic faith in new, more outgoing ways. 

Key Milestones

2019 – Rural Parish Groupings pioneer new ways forward

As we work together in families of parishes, we have a better understanding to address the decline of available priests and active parish members.


2019 – Unite shows the power of community 

This archdiocesan worship and festival event opened a door to new possibilities, uniting thousands of northeast Nebraska Catholics across all demographics.


2020 – Archdiocese Pastoral Conference sets the BIG goal

The goal set by Archbishop Lucas at this diocesan-wide event guides our Journey of Faith. Throughout our work together, we share an overriding goal to become more missional, outward-facing communities by 2026. 


2021 – Archdiocese Pastoral Conference encourages active faith 

Diocesan-wide progress continues with a focus on habits for living our faith: prayer, compassion, friendship and invitation.