As part of your own journey, say a prayer and pass it along to others. Journey of Faith welcomes everyone in the archdiocese who cares about the future of our parishes and schools. 

Journey of Faith Prayer 

Lord and Giver of Life,

we ask for your guidance

as we journey to discover your plan

for our parishes and schools.

Change can bring about great excitement;

it can also be the source of anxiety and fear.

Help us to move forward with faith, courage and confidence.

Give us open minds and clarity

as we discern your will for a promising future.

May Jesus, the constant companion of the Church since Pentecost,

help us to accept the challenges of loving service

in new and invigorating ways.

May Mary, Mother of the Church,

encourage our efforts to listen and learn.

In the beginning, you hovered over the waters,

giving birth to your plan for creation.

You were present to the People of Israel,

speaking to them, teaching them,

and guiding them. Be present with us now,

and give us your light to see the way.