“How is the journey of my faith going? Faith, if it is to grow, has to begin ever anew.”                      

Families of Parishes: A Modern Day Answer in Our Journey of Faith

Moving Past the Burden of Current Realities

Flourishing communities of faith–the Families of Parishes approach is a modern day answer. In the Archdiocese of Omaha, it means replacing our current realities with a sustainable, faith-filled future. Across the country, this mission-oriented structure is already a powerful way of life. We can only benefit by adapting success stories from dioceses of all sizes.

For our 34 new Families of Parishes, 2023 represents a new beginning. From groups of two to ten parishes, a family becomes one community of faith. Much like any extended family, each parish  shares their own unique identities and strengths. Together, many families will balance difficult and essential changes with the opportunity to experience faith in a new way.  

Focused on Becoming Missional Communities

Families of Parishes give energy to our vision that every parish become a missional community by 2026. At the heart of every family, is the desire to build a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ and outwardly share our faith with others.

What Makes a Family of Parishes Different?

Rooted in prayer

Belongs to One Church guided by the Holy Spirit

Encountering Jesus

Sharing faith and equipping disciples

Living mercy by serving the needs of the broader community

Centered on the Eucharist

What’s Next for Families of Parishes

As you’ll see on the Journey of Faith timeline, parish leaders and pastors have months of planning and discussion with parishioners ahead. Families of Parishes submit detailed plans for approval to Archbishop Lucas in November. 

Families of Parishes, connected in faith

Find Your Family

New Parameters for a Sustainable Future

Families of Parishes follow guidelines to ensure that resources are ministry and mission-focused.  

Key Guidelines

• Number of Masses celebrated may change with limits on weekday and Sunday masses per priest

• Where and when Mass is celebrated may change. Some members of each family may have a longer drive to attend Mass but generally not more than 20 miles.

• Models for how families of parishes operate and collaborate vary widely. Each family will develop a plan for the best way forward.