Why does this Journey of Faith matter so much right now? Think about how you have experienced or struggled in your own journey of faith. As one church, we must respond to changes in our  Catholic community and the world around us.  

Our Current Realities Call for New Directions in Parish Life

It’s not one but rather a series of changes over decades which challenge our diocese today. To come to grips with our current reality, it’s important that we share the data openly and honestly. With clear understanding, we can responsibly move forward in sustainable and new directions.


A Growing Disconnect

Within our own parish communities, the majority of Catholics no longer participate in the life of the church. 

• Weekly mass attendance is under 1 in 4 

• Parish activities attract only a small percentage of parishioners

• Fewer young adults identify as Catholics or members of a parish

Source: Archdiocese of Omaha census

Facing Priestly Limits

Over the next ten years, the number of available priests will drop steadily. For parish communities to have vibrant ministries, we must see  the conditions which limit our priests:  

• Growing stress from unmanageable workload

• More retirements than replacements

• Aging, underutilized structures 

Current Realities, priesthood

“The challenge is to see this as an opportunity, to have a deeper experience in the activity of the Holy Spirit, and to respond really in faith, and to trust God.”  – Archbishop George Lucas

Current Realities Collide

The population shift from rural to urban communities is undeniable.  We value parish life in every corner of the Archdiocese and must find ways to make faith more accessible to more people.

A More Multi-Cultural Church

As the Omaha metro area moves towards a million people, more diverse parish communities are flourishing in our urban and rural counties. We must be prepared to walk new roads in faith.