Omaha Archbishop George Lucas calls for a Journey of Faith to strengthen parish life

The Archdiocese of Omaha invites parishioners to join a Journey of Faith. The three-year initiative will chart a new course for parishes and schools to meet the challenges of a changing world. In the months ahead, every parish will participate in planning for a stronger and sustainable future for parish life.

Feb. 22, 2022 – The Archdiocese of Omaha meets modern day demands with a Journey of Faith, a three-year planning initiative for stronger parishes and schools. Archbishop George Lucas believes broad parish participation will help Catholics understand new directions are essential.

Lucas said, “We simply cannot sustain the same parish and school structures that we have been used to and loved now for several generations. To move forward in the best way possible, we’re going to need input from pastors, parish leaders, and really all of our parishioners.”

When eight regional listening and learning sessions get underway this spring, parish representatives and pastors will hear about the current realities facing the church. Together, the mix of opportunities and challenges add even greater urgency.

Current Realities

While the majority of parishes and schools are likely to experience changes eventually, no decisions have been made.

What’s Ahead

Where and how Catholics practice their faith could be different, but fundamental church teachings will not change.

Some parishes could be grouped into Families of Parishes for sharing resources and working as a community.

Archbishop Lucas encourages parishioners to see an opportunity for a richer, more active faith.

“I want the Catholic people of this Archdiocese to know you are invited to be on this Journey of Faith together, guided by the Holy Spirit. It’s going to be more fruitful if more of us understand and are willing to participate.”

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